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OKYAY FLOUR, In its sector;

  • Providing standard production for the first time and every time;
  • Complying with legal regulations; Producing hygienic and healthy products;
  • By keeping food safety at the forefront by ensuring food safety at every stage;
  • Working customer-oriented, responding to the expectations of customers;
  • Providing the participation of the staff by giving importance to the trainings;
  • It aims and adopts to be an institutionalized company by constantly improving its systems.



  • Of Works; aims to be a pioneer in environmental and environmental health impacts and measures to be taken.
  • Target; to prevent any waste of economic value from harming the environment.
  • Acts responsible for the social development of his close environment.
  • By acting with this awareness, all employees ensure that their environment is conscious and the environmental protection awareness is spread.


The raw material we use; CEREALS CONTAINING GLUTEN (Wheat, rye, barley, oats, bone-free wheat and their products) are allergens on their own.

Whether the additives we use in our products contain allergens or not is also provided from our suppliers. If necessary, these warnings will be placed on our labels. Knows the effect of allergen substances on human health and as a company, sensitivity is shown in this regard. Our customers are also informed about purchasing products by reading the labels.


  • In our factory, in the production areas; wooden pallet, cleaning material with wooden handle, knife with wooden handle etc. used.
  • It is convenient to use materials that hold the wood place (plastic or stainless).
  • Plastic pallets are used in storage areas.
  • Employees must be knowledgeable about these issues and constantly trained.



  • It never employs child labor at the workplace.
  • All employees are insured and do not employ uninsured workers.
  • He finds himself responsible for the social development of his close environment.



  • It aims to produce products without glass. To achieve this goal, factory management does not allow glass entry into the factory in any way. Glass and hard plastic lists are created and monitored. The windows and door glasses that are opened to operation in the factory are covered with a layer of film against breaking. Instead of the existing glass material, it is aimed to make the new glass materials to be plastic and remove the glasses whenever possible.
  • It is forbidden to put the glass materials used in the laboratory into operation. Plastic materials are used for the analysis samples taken from the enterprise.
  • The maintenance team; takes precautions against the risk of glass contamination when replacing the electric lamps and is made conscious about the subject. An instruction including what to do in case of glass breakage in the factory is defined and implemented. This instruction is the responsibility of all employees.


OKYAY FLOUR, In its sector;

  • It is strictly forbidden to use transparent pens in the business and the capless and colored pens supplied by the factory to the employees are used within the business.
  • Employees are made aware of the hazards that may arise if they use a transparent pen and foreign materials.

Management Policy and Culture

OKYAY FLOUR Management,

  • Improving it by conducting risk analyzes to cover all activities and constantly reviewing these analyzes according to all standard requirements that our Management System references,
  • To comply with all national and international legal requirements and regulations without compromising,
  • By producing and presenting products that meet our customers' wishes, expectations and needs,
  • Implementing our Management System in continuous development with our continuously trained employees,
  • To create a safe working environment by paying unconditional attention to the fact that the machinery, equipment and equipment used in our processes are manufactured from suitable materials that do not endanger food, work, environmental health and safety,
  • To ensure unconditional customer satisfaction in cooperation with our suppliers, from the procurement stage to the production and delivery to the customer, with approaches to improve by constantly improving the activities within our management system,
  • In order to increase our performance regarding Quality, Food, Environment, Work and Employee safety, to provide appropriate trainings to all our employees and to monitor the performance of these trainings,
  • Conducting inspections, recording the detections and improving them by continuously monitoring the measurable values,
  • To minimize the use of natural resources and energy, to provide maximum efficiency with effective working conditions,
  • To keep negative environmental and health effects such as gas, odor, noise, solid and liquid wastes that may occur as a result of our activities within acceptable limits, and to minimize the effects given to air, water, soil and environment with correct and economical disposal methods,

Declaration and commitment.

1. Laws and Rules

We comply with laws and company procedures.

  • We know the laws, regulations and rules of the countries in which we operate and act accordingly.
  • We follow our company's regulations, instructions, procedures and job descriptions.
  • We take responsibility for the results of the work we do and manage.
  • As part of our own responsibilities and powers, we keep and archive our records fully, accurately, on time and in accordance with the law.
  • We do not provide any information that does not reflect the truth, and we always support our work with the right information and documents.
  • We take responsibility for the healthy and effective operation of internal audit.
  • In cases that are not regulated by law, we protect the rights of our stakeholders within the framework of business ethics rules by respecting the benefit and reputation of our business.

2. Conflict of Interest

We do not allow our personal interests to override the interests of our business.

  • We take responsibility for the powers we use, and account for the responsibilities we take.
  • We do not use the name and power of our business for personal benefit.
  • We do not use any resources of our business, especially the assets, goods, equipment, tools, vehicles, computers, hardware and software, for our personal interests or the interests of others.
  • We do not engage in supplier and / or customer relations with our family members.
  • We do not enter into a debt relationship with the people with whom we have a business relationship.
  • We do not work for any other person or business against wages or similar benefits, no matter what their name is, during or outside working hours.
  • We take care to ensure that our personal opinions are not perceived as those of our business.
  • We do not use the company's letterheads, e-mail accounts, or speak and write on behalf of the company unless authorized, to express our personal opinions or for our personal affairs.

3. Protecting Company Assets

We protect company assets and use these assets most effectively.

  • We prevent company assets from loss, damage, misuse, waste, transfer, economical use, unauthorized sale or donation from senior management.
  • Apart from the essential cases, we do not devote time to our private works during business hours.
  • We protect the privacy of usernames or passwords allocated to our name.
  • We do not share any non-public company information we have learned due to our duty to our colleagues and third parties, including our family members.
  • If we leave the company, we deliver the printed and electronic documents of the company, including copies, to our manager. We do not make a statement that would damage our company's reputation.
  • We use natural resources and energy carefully.
  • We aim to work by providing maximum efficiency with effective working conditions.
  • When it is seen that the situation such as attack, sabotage may come from outside, we intervene and stop and inform our nearest manager immediately.

4. Internal Relations

We establish relationships based on love, respect, honesty and trust with our colleagues.

  • In our business, we personally contribute to the creation and maintenance of a work environment based on love and respect.
  • We believe that success can only be achieved through teamwork. We work in solidarity and solidarity.
  • We avoid aggressive attitudes and threatening behaviors that disrupt the efficiency and order of the working environment and negatively affect the motivation of our colleagues.
  • We act in accordance with all kinds of procedures, rules and instructions with our colleagues and / or team's occupational health and safety. We do not put ourselves or others at risk with our actions.
  • We take the responsibility to check the suitability of our own behavior and that of our colleagues in the work environment.
  • We do not use alcohol and drugs at work. We do not smoke other than the places defined / shown.
  • We respect the private life and personal areas of our colleagues.
  • We do not share our wages and income with our colleagues. We do not try to obtain this information of others.
  • We do not engage in behavior that would damage our colleagues' dignity. We do not exploit anyone verbally, physically, emotionally.

5. External Relations

We communicate with the people and institutions we interact with based on respect, honesty and trust.

Our consumers

  • We take personal responsibility for safe food production.
  • We defend our company in our personal relationships.
  • We do not make defamatory statements to our consumers about our competitors.
  • We give full and accurate information to our consumers.

Our Suppliers and Customers

  • We establish honest, fair and respectful relationships with our suppliers.
  • We select our suppliers with fair, systematic and professional methods.
  • We fulfill our obligations to our suppliers and customers on time.
  • We do not share our company's terms of agreement with our suppliers and third parties.
  • We make a confidentiality agreement with our suppliers and customers in any situation that requires us to share the private information of our company without written proposal approval, protocol or contract with our suppliers and customers.
  • We protect the confidentiality of private information of our suppliers and customers.
  • In our communication with suppliers and customers, we do not make statements that would damage the reputation of our organization and our colleagues.

Public Institutions and Civil Society Organizations

  • When we communicate with all kinds of public institutions or non-governmental organizations or political parties while fulfilling our duties, we do not reflect our personal thoughts to our relationships, and we stand at an equal distance to these organizations.
  • We get support from our manager to learn about the laws, regulations and rules that we must comply with during our relations with public institutions.
  • In any investigation or investigation, we provide the correct information to the official authorities.


  • We learn competition laws and regulations and manage our relations with our competitors with this awareness.
  • If we have to communicate with competitors as a requirement of our duty, we make these meetings within the knowledge of our relevant manager.
  • We do not make publications and discourses that make our competitors in any media, including social media.
  • We do not engage in attitudes and behaviors that will lead to unfair competition.


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